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Slip and fall Personal injury

You deserve to feel safe in the places you shop, work, and spend your time. If you are injured because a building's security isn't up to par, the owner of the building can be held liable. Call Michael L. Chidester today to set up your FREE consultation and see how we can help you. We find solutions for cases involving:

Knowledgeable Premises Liability Representation

Wrongful death counsel

Losing a loved one can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve from a wrongful death suit, so that the financial impact of a family member's death is reduced. Schedule your appointment today to get the money you need.

30 years of experience:


Compassionate Assistance for Your Personal Injury Case

  • Slip and fall injuries

  • Slippery sidewalks

  • Intruders entering through unsecured windows

  • Intoxicated bar patrons

  • Cracked sidewalks

  • Broken staircases

  • Assaults on condo and apartment premises

  • Final expenses

  • Loss of companionship

  • Loss of income

  • Medical bills

  • Pain and suffering

  • And more